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Art in Home Design

Updated: May 5

Art is an essential element of interior design. A piece of artwork can immediately make or break the look of your space. It's the primary way to bring a sense of color and texture to a home, and it allows you to express your personal style and taste. Ultimately, art will serve as the finishing element in the living space that you have created.

Art as a Focal Point

Often, people will make the error of choosing all of their design elements -- furnishings, paint color, rugs, etc. and leave selecting their art for last. In fact, art should be considered as part of the initial design plan. Artwork can set the tone for the other complementary design elements, and we often pull colors from the art when choosing items like pillows and other accessories.

In this Delray Beach waterfront Interior Design Project we pulled soft blues and ivory's from this abstract piece of artwork to create a dreamy palette for this master bedroom.

Mixing it Up

If you follow my blog, you know I love mixing materials in my design to create a cohesive look. The same goes for selecting art. When designing living spaces, I like using a combination of photography and abstract art. For example, I place black-and-white family galleries in a series with large matted frames and incorporate these with giclee prints. Mixing elements in this way can create a sense of "flow" that we all aspire to have in each room.

Art Tells a Story

One of the many reasons I have such a passion for art is that it can help tell a story through your interior design. You may find a piece that reflects your past experiences, or maybe it's a piece that evokes a certain mood in a room. Art in the form of paintings, sculptures, or objects on the wall can serve as a great "souvenir" of your travels.

For example, I love the vibrant art scene in Key West, and when I look at a painting I found there on a trip with my family, it immediately takes me back to that moment and evokes a sense of calm and happiness I strive to deliver to every one of my clients.

If you would like to incorporate some new art elements into your design, please contact me at kelly@kellymarieinteriordesign.com.

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