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Minimalist Design Trend: The Art of Why Less is More

What does Minimalist Style Mean?

Minimalism by definition is a design or lifestyle in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create maximum effects.

The main mantra behind minimalist interior design and home decor is considering how each and every element within your space directly impacts your life. Do I find this thing to be purposeful, do I find this to be meaningful, do I find this to be beautiful? If not -- then why do I have it? Tone down decor, keep it simple and sparse. Pare every aspect back, and live by a “less is more” and “everything needs a place and a reason” approach.

Think clean, modern lines, don’t shy away from layering but remember to keep a tight edit and a concise color palette.

How do you create a minimalist style in your home?

It is important to find one good piece of furniture that anchors the space and acts as your focal point. Try to build around that key element choosing pieces that complement each other but do not overpower it. Keep forms and details to a minimum. Accessorize with only the necessities and items that you hold dear to your heart.

Simplicity and need go hand in hand when designing with a minimalist approach. It is important that these two factors never outweighing the other, as you’ll need to justify the existence of each element when bringing in new items to your home.

A home with clutter produces physical and unconscious chaos. Try to declutter as much as possible, invest in stylish storage and effective organization solutions. Devise quick daily cleaning routines to keep your home looking immaculate at all times with minimal effort. Remember that consistency helps keep simple tasks like cleaning quick and easy. Don’t let things pile up, encourage your family to put away whatever they take out as soon as they are finished with it.

Minimalism isn't always about getting rid of things, it is also about clearing your mind and making room for more of what matters like spending time with family or caring for yourself. Minimalism is about appreciating the simpler things in life. Invest in your home and in turn invest in your well-being. Interior design can really set your lifestyle. Keeping it functional and simple.

Make a change to declutter your life and home, to organize and plan, and practice being a modern minimalist.

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