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The Perfectly Imperfect Way of Living

Updated: Aug 26

It is easy when designing homes to create the "perfect" space—one that feels staged (because it is) and almost mechanical-like. At KMID, we strive to focus on the functionality of each room that we design. Asking the right questions about the purpose of each space. Sometimes using pieces that a client has from an old home and pairing them with new staples to create designs that resonate with each client. It is important to appreciate timeworn treasures that define a wholesome way of living. Making sure to find beauty in the imperfections.

You may have heard of the lifestyle or philosophy referred to as Wabi-Sabi. Wabi-Sabi stands by the saying, "nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect." A way of life that focuses more on how things effortlessly function and admiring the world's impermanence.

In interior design, Wabi-Sabi manifests itself through a less-is-more mindset. You could say it sounds a lot like minimalism, but the premise of Wabi-Sabi is not so much about getting rid of things or editing your space to look staged — rather, it is learning to appreciate the imperfect. Things are going to happen, the bedding will wrinkle, scuff marks will appear on the floor, fingerprints will end up on the fridge, and that's okay. Smile at the memories your family is creating by using what their home has to offer. I personally love when marble starts to lose its luster. It just looks so authentic and “homey” feeling. Some things are meant to patina over time, further engraving the memories that made it imperfect.

With recent life changes that have been present in the past year and a half. It gives us even more reason to relax, enjoy family and make sure to have fun in your home, leaving the worries behind.

Welcoming imperfection into your home might help improve mental health and promote a sense of wellness in the space. Adopting Wabi-Sabi as a way of life and learning to let go can help make your home feel more relaxing and peaceful, even when it’s not perfect.

If you are interested in the ideas presented in this blog and are looking to bring Wabi-Sabi into your home, please contact me at kelly@kellymarieinteriordesign.com and connect with me on Instagram.

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